Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire

Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire

Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire Midland mini piling is a Established piling contractor based in Leicestershire & Northamptonshire, with many years experience in the Piling & building industry. Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire.

Are you in need of a quality service that constructs basements? Are you about to build your home from the ground and you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps, you own some residential or commercial property that requires some major solution? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you don’t need to look further. 

Here we have provided an overview of Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire services and why you need it. 


Considering the vast variations of soil in and around the UK, the following are the kind of services offered: 

  • Bored piling
  • Driving piling
  • Screw piling
  • Sheet piling
  • Mini piling

Bored Piling

This type of Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire is carried out majorly in cities or in places that have existing structures around the site. Its use eliminates excessive vibrations making it an ideal type within residential areas.  

Driving Piling

The driving Is hammered into the ground by the use of vibrations. Of course, this is designed for marshy areas. Most often, the driven material is pre-cast and then driven into the soil till it reaches the required depth. 

This is well suited for areas around The Thames, Solent, the Bristol Channel, Clyde, and Cromarty Firth as well as other smaller marshy areas.  

Screw Piling

As the name implies, it is screwed into the ground using hollow galvanized steel pile shafts. The end is attached with a disk-like structure to assist tunneling as it is lowered into the ground. 

Sheet Pilings

The use of these types thrives in areas where excavations are needed. It can also be reused. The sheet falls under the category of driven piles.  

Mini Pilings

Mini pilings, known as Micro pilings, are used when conventional rigs cannot be used. They bear a diameter of about 100mm to 400mm.  

Why is it needed?

Around the UK, the topography of the land varies from place to place, leaving engineers with no choice but to request structures.  

The following reasons are why you need Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire :


  • Soil condition: Soil conditions vary from place to place. From rocky plains to marshy-high water areas with possible contaminants, this greatly influences the use of the structure.


  • Weights of the structure on the foundation: It’s common knowledge that the foundation bears the weight of a structure. The structure above directly acts on the foundation and Is susceptible to ground movement or upheavals. In a bid to prevent this from causing structural damage in the future, it is needed for support. This is so because it drives past the piles in the foundation till it hits and rests on solid strata.


  • Bottom layers: Below the topmost part of the earth lies a lot of rubble, weak soil, contaminated soil, and soil with lots of water table issues. Ignoring these could prove fatal in the future, hence, the use of the structures.

Need Them in the UK?

We are foremost Piling Contractors Collyweston Northamptonshire in the UK. We offer all kinds of services including bored, driving, screw, sheet, and mini. Our professionals are always on standby to provide different solutions, erect solid foundations, and improve your structures with our state-of-the-art engineering equipment.

Contact us today and you’ll be glad you did.